Amphibian Open Water Swim Festival

You might be great in the water or on the land but how good are you able to EVOLVE after every 1000m swim and then run 100m? Can you keep evolving until you've completed your race distance? The Amphibian Open Water Swim Challenges offer a range of distances so there's something for everyone!

Swim, Run, Repeat!


15th & 16th September 2018

The Blue Lagoon, Northfield Lane, Womersley, DN6 9BB

Max Entries:

Saturday 15th September 2018
1km, 2km & 3km

Sunday 16th September 2018
5km, 7km & 10km

Entry Fee:
1km £35
2km £40,
3km £45,
5km £55
7km £60
10km £65

Start Times:
10:00 (full schedule TBC)

Minimum Age:
1km, 2km, 3km 12 years old (on day of the event

5km, 7km & 10km 18 years old (on day of the event)


The 100 meter run/walk/crawl section gives supporters and spectators the opportunity to cheer on their friends & loved ones, and Amphibians the chance to soak up the event atmosphere of support and encouragement.

Perfect for anyone wanting an open water swim challenge with a twist. Perfect for swimmers tackling the distances for the first time as the 100m stretch can be walked and allow Amphibians a brief break in the swim challenge, just don't forget the clock is still running. There is also a feed station during the land phase that you can access every lap. Equally awesome for seasoned swimmers who fancy something a bit different, and triathletes who are after some Mass Start & ‘Aussie Exit’ practice.

Wetsuits are recommended and less confident swimmers will benefit from the buoyancy that a swimming wetsuit gives you. Wetsuits may be compulsory dependent on the water temperature. We have hire wetsuits available for £5 on the day. Longer term hire is also available.

The Home of our event is the idyllic Blue Lagoon in the heart of Yorkshire. The Blue Lagoon is the only dedicated Open Water Swim Venue in Yorkshire and one of the best, due to its clarity & lack of weed! Nestled in 32 acres of woodland, meadow, scrubland and of course aquatic areas with a plethora of wildlife it truly is an amazing place. The Blue Lagoon has been continually developed over the past 10 years and boasts a beach entry, and slipway exit, perfect for our Amphibians!

No matter what your motivation; fitness, training, fun, personal challenge, weight loss, practice, charity fund raising, a bet!!! We invite you to join us at THE friendliest, most encouraging & enjoyable swim challenge in the UK.